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  • My New Office

    Posted on June 18th, 2012 Bartley No comments

    Before spring semester started, I moved into a new office at work.  It was recently vacated by a retiring faculty member. (Fun side note: it was originally the campus barber shop.)  I was told that the previous occupant had cleaned out everything they no longer wanted.  When we arrived at campus to start cleaning out the (what I assumed would be minimal) items left, this is what greeted us.

    New Office - Before

    Head past the break to see the after photo.  

    After quite bit of cleaning and many trips to the trash, we achieved a truly clean office.

    New Office - After

    The new office is great, and there’s so much space.  In fact, even with my stuff there (picture below), it looks a little sparse.  I guess this is one of the consequences to storing files digitally.  Of course the blackboard was replaced with a (ever so slightly more modern) whiteboard, and said whiteboard is filled with new research ideas/directions.

    New office with my stuff

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